Foundations of Tomorrow – Building Local Capacity and Strengthening Local Partnerships

By providing intensive training and mentoring support, BCDP is creating skilled competence among local scientists, resource managers, and partner organizations and institutions to develop and implement effective management plans for conserving cetacean diversity in Bangladesh and improving the lives of local fishermen. more


Understanding our Waters – Research & Monitoring

The `Understanding our Waters’ initiative provides science-based knowledge needed to implement and monitor effective cetacean conservation in Bangladesh. more


Share our Smiles – Educational Outreach

`Share our Smiles’ is an interactive educational outreach program which aims to disseminate information on cetacean conservation and sustainable fisheries management to local communities and fishermen active in cetacean habitats, as well as local and national decision makers and the general public in Bangladesh. more


Adaptation to the Future – Coping with Declining Freshwater Supplies and Global Climate Change

Knowledge of the fine scale distribution of freshwater and coastal cetaceans can be used as an early-warning system of environmental change in the Sundarbans and offshore waters, and as an informative tool for developing adaptive responses in the face of human needs for the same resources. more