Foundation of Tomorrow - Building Local Capacities & Partnerships

The Foundation of Tomorrow initiative takes a strong participatory approach by involving government agencies, universities and NGOs in all project activities. By providing intensive training and mentoring support, BCDP is creating skilled competence among local scientists, resource managers, and partner organizations and institutions to develop and implement effective management plans for conserving cetacean diversity in Bangladesh and improving the lives of local fishermen.


The initiative involves:

(1) developing an internship program which gives students in zoology, fisheries and environmental science programs an opportunity to participate in conservation research activities and use BCDP research findings as part of their senior thesis, Masters or PhD degree;

(2) Providing training and technical support for scientists and resource managers to execute rigorous cetacean research and effective conservation interventions; and

(3) Partnering with local NGOs and government agencies to conduct activities associated with the Share our Smiles and Understanding our Waters initiative.


Specifically BCDP provides technical and logistical support for interns and graduate students completing their dissertations on cetacean related topics, convenes intensive training workshops and provides sustained mentoring support for local scientists, resource managers, and local NGOs on cetacean conservation science and environmental education techniques, and promotes local participation in project activities including research, educational outreach and policy development and implementation.