Share our Smiles – Educational Outreach

‚Share our Smiles’ is an interactive educational outreach program which aims to disseminate information on cetacean conservation and sustainable fisheries management to local communities and fishermen active in cetacean habitats, as well as local and national decision makers and the general public in Bangladesh.

‘Share our Smiles’ uses simple texts with colorful illustrations as well as life-size models in an interactive approach, allowing literate and illiterate children and adults alike to learn more about the cetaceans and changing environmental conditions associated with declining freshwater supplies and sea-level rise.

During training workshops the BCDP empowers and encourages community and NGO leaders to use interactive educational methods in various settings, and support the incorporation of conservation messages in target group activities.

Key accomplishments of the BCDP educational outreach program have been the development of impressive media materials including books, pamphlets, and documentary films, all in Bengali language, to communicate conservation messages to local communities. Based on interviews conducted as part of the evaluation process, we estimated that through our NGO outreach network we directly reach over 20,000 people living in close proximity to critical dolphin habitat.

BCDP also designed and convened the first-ever “Shushuk Mela” or dolphin exhibition in Dhaka, which celebrated the exceptional diversity and abundance of cetaceans in Bangladesh and attracted almost 10,000 visitors. This mobile exhibition is available for display at events, fairs and conventions.

Our Training & Education Coordinator regularly visits educational institutions or organizations for presentations. Her engaging sessions are tailored to the age and interest of the audience. The focus of the presentations is mainly on nature conservation, ecosystem services and cetacean research & conservation.

More information about the Shushuk Mela.

More information about the film "Shushuk, Our Rivers and Mankind" by Tanjilur Rahman.

If you would like a BCDP team member to visit your organization, class or club, or are interested in hosting the 'Shushuk Mela' at your institution, please contact us at