Help us by reporting entangled, stranded or dead cetaceans

The extent of accidental entanglements or other causes of death of cetaceans in Bangladeshi waters is unknown. Through our mortality monitoring network we collect first-hand information, enabling us to establish the direct threats to cetaceans and explore tangible actions to reduce them.

If you find an entangled, stranded or dead dolphin, call the BCDP DOLPHIN HOTLINE (01612 22 88 00) and follow their instructions.

Our Dolphin Response Team will assist you in releasing the animal, collect information and samples from dead animals.


Stranding Response Instructions

If you find a live dolphin or whale stranded, get it back to the water as fast as possible.

Call for help and do not panic. Keep your personal safety in mind.

Keep the animal cool and wet.

Keep the blowhole above water. Do not touch, cover or splash water on the blowhole.

Keep scavengers away.

If the animal is alive, carefully move it with a stretcher made from a lunghi. Never lift the animal by its fins or flukes. Keep away from the animal's mouth. Call the Dolphin Hotline to inform us about your rescue action.

If the animal is dead, call the Dolphin Hotline and follow further instructions.

Never attempt to catch a shushuk or keep it in a pond. It will not survive for long.

Cetaceans are protected by law. It is illegal to catch this endanger animal or to sell or buy the whole animal or any parts of it.